excavation • new site discoveries • restoration

You will be assigned your own excavation unit where you will personally excavate and discover history under the supervision of a professional archaeologist.

You can join a survey crew to hike into the hills to discover new sites or conduct advanced recording on newly discovered sites.

You can work with our lab supervisor in our field lab facilities to clean, analyze, record, restore and conserve the many artifacts that have already been excavated.

Interact • relax • take it easy! 

We are based in the community of Agua Blanca so there are many opportunities to interact with the local population.

Learn more about our social benefits program here.

Thermal spa/ mud baths, horseback riding, bird watching, hiking in the mountains to see/hear monkeys, magnificent Pacific coast beaches are all available.

Deep sea fishing; whale watching; scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking (via Puerto Lopez). Just ask, & we'll arrange everything.

You don't just sit there.
you do something!

You will excavate. You will recover artifacts. You will participate in a multi-year archaeological research project that has specific archaeology goals. You will make a meaningful social contribution to the people and the modern community of Agua Blanca, Ecuador.

There is no other experience like this in the world!

The archaeologists

Luke Dalla Bona, M.A.

Chief Archaeologist

Luke Dalla Bona worked on his first archaeology project in the summer of 1987 in northern British Columbia, Canada.

Every year since then, he has led archaeological teams on multiple projects, large and small in the wilderness of the Canada. Throughout the 1990s, Luke was one of a small group of archaeologists from North America and Europe involved in the development of archaeological predictive modelling - using computers to predict the location of archaeological sites.

Since 1999, Luke has focused on professional archaeological consulting and has led hundreds of archaeology projects - some with teams as large as thirty to forty crew members. By 2010, Luke's started to shift to Latin America.

In 2014, he started Archaeology Vacations and in 2015 relocated to Ecuador. He started excavating the "Lost City of the Manteños" on October 1, 2016.

He now lives full-time in the village of Agua Blanca.

Richard Lunniss, Ph.D.

Project Consultant

Richard Lunniss is an archaeologist with a PhD from the University of London.

He and his ecologist wife Deirdre and their children May, Guy and Martin, have their home a few miles from Agua Blanca, living in the coastal town of Puerto López.

In 1982, after four seasons working with the Anglo-Peruvian Cusichaca Project, near Machu Picchu, he travelled north to join in the investigation of the pre-Columbian settlement at Salango, a small fishing village not far from Puerto López.

From 1983-1987, he directed field work at Salango and, since then has, in one way or another, devoted most of his time to the study of that site, publishing his results in Ecuador and abroad.

Additionally, he has had opportunity to excavate on Cerro Jaboncillo, the largest known Manteño ceremonial center, and investigate other sites of the period in Central and South Manabí.

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